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Конкурс для учителей английского языка

Увага! Конкурси для учнів та вчителів англійської мови!

Видавництво MM Publications, з метою підтримки ініціативи Міністерства освіти і науки України «2016 - рік англійської мови», підвищення рівня професійної кваліфікації вчителів та популяризації англійської мови серед учнів оголошує конкурси для учнів і вчителів.
Конкурс для учнів
Завдання конкурсу для учнів полягає в написанні твору на тему “My motherland: the place where I live / the place I love the most
Детальніше про конкурс  PDF, Word
Конкурс для вчителів
Для участі в конкурсі учасникам необхідно скласти три креативних завдання для проведення лінгвокраїнознавчого заняття з англійської мови за темою “Ukrainian Culture Time”.
Детальніше про конкурс  PDF, Word
Конкурсні роботи необхідно надіслати електронною поштою за адресою: mmpublications@ukr.net
В темі листа необхідно вказати назву конкурсу.
Додаткова інформація – у методиста видавництва MM Publications в Україні – Аліни Кошман (email: mmpublications@ukr.net, тел.067-325-60-81)

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Устойчивые выражения в английском языке: наречие + прилагательное

Устойчивые выражения в английском языке: наречие + прилагательное
Что такое устойчивые выражения в английском языке? Это не что иное как пара или группа слов, которые используются вместе.
Сегодня вы узнаете несколько самых распространенных устойчивых выражений в английском языке, которые состоят из наречия и прилагательного.
Это в значительной мере поможет вам расширить свой словарный запас английского.
В данном случае все наречия будут играть роль «усилителя» окраски или характера прилагательного. Итак!

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The Partner John Grisham

Cover of book The Partner by John GrishamDanilo lives a happy life in a little town Pont Pora in Brazil. Although he have only a small house and an old little car, he is very rich. Now he is living alone but he has a woman who he loves. No matter that at present time there is a big distance between them. Eventually, they will be together. Danilo has changed a lot during last years. He is thinner now that his used to be. He runs his 10-kilometer course every day, eats proper food and generally has a good health. Danilo definitely should be very happy but he is not. He worried all the time because he know – one day he will face consequences of his past. Consequences, that changed his life, his appearance, place of leaving and forced him to hide and fear every day that THEY will find him. Therefore, this day has come.

What's your name?

This month’s lesson mainly focuses on developing listening skills but other skills are integrated too, with opportunities for speaking, reading and writing. The lesson is based around the topic of ‘names’. Everybody has a name and everybody knows other people with names. Names are linked to culture and tradition. They are important to people.
For a listening lesson to be successful, the learners need to be engaged with the audio. It might not always be possible to motivate all the learners in the class to the same degree but the important thing is to use an audio which all of the learners can, in some way, relate to. If you are in a position where you can choose an audio, ask yourself ‘Will each and every one of the learners recognise this? Will they be able to say something about it? Will they have an opinion about it?’ If the answer to most of those questions is affirmative, then there is a chance that the learners will also be interested in the topic and improve their listening skills in the lesson.
Topic: Names - an integrated skills lesson with the main focus on listening
  • To develop students’ listening skills
  • To engage students in a classroom discussion
  • To encourage students to think about the cultural significance of names
Age: Teenagers and young adults
Level: A2-B2
Time: 60 minutes +
1. Names worksheet (1 per student)
2. Names transcript (1 per student)
3. Names answer key (Teacher)


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Tower Bridge at night, bridging the River Thames.
London is an enormous city. It's divided into thirty-two boroughs, although information on this page is divided between districts, inner boroughs and outer boroughs of the city. These district and borough articles contain sightseeing, restaurant, nightlife and accommodation listings — consider printing them all.
Noisy, vibrant and truly multicultural, London is a megalopolis of people, ideas and frenetic energy. The capital and largest city of both England and of the United Kingdom, it is also the largest city in Western Europe and the European Union. Situated on the River Thames in South-East England, Greater London has an official population of a little over 8 million. However, London's urban area stretched to 9,787,426 in 2011, while the figure of 14 million for the city's wider metropolitan area more accurately reflects its size and importance. Considered one of the world's leading "global cities", London remains an international capital of culture, music, education, fashion, politics, finance and trade.

The Newest Jokes

Some scientists decided to do the following experiments on a dog.

For the first experiment, they cut one of the dog's legs off, then they told the dog to walk. The dog got up and walked, so they they learned that a dog could walk with just three legs.

For the second experiment, they cut off a second leg from the dog, then they told the dog once more to walk. The dog was still able to walk with only two legs.

For the third experiment, they cut off yet another leg from the dog and once more they told the dog to walk. However, the dog wasn't able to walk with only one leg.

As a result of these three experiments, the scientists wrote in their final report that the dog had lost it's hearing after having three legs cut off.
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